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Prioritise your wellbeing today.


Your WELLBEING and that of your team is the key to meeting ALL of your other healthcare organisational goals including patient outcomes.

Performance and wellbeing go hand in hand in a virtuous cycle. We can help you achieve and sustain long term wellbeing and enhance your performance. Don’t just survive working in healthcare when you could be thriving. Book your 30 minute complimentary consult today.

Coaching appointments with Sharee are fully booked until August 2022.

Take a look at our Applied or Recalibrate programs work directly with Sharee sooner.

If you have a request for Sharee to speak or consult with your organisation please submit your request via our contact us form.


Book your 30-minute complimentary consult

Unlock your potential, be the healthcare professional you want to be, energised, effective, fulfilled, and see your family!

Sharee is Australia’s leading doctor coach. She coaches doctors from all specialties and all States, using her unique combination of coaching, counseling, and organisational psychology experience from 30 years of working in healthcare.

As a Registered Psychologist, Sharee has helped thousands of people raise their awareness, enhance their wellbeing and grow their capacity.

In your 30 minutes complimentary consult:

  • We will discuss your Work and Goals so I can clearly understand what it is that you want to achieve and what are your biggest challenges
  • Together we will discover your intention and what is going to bring you the most fulfillment in a long term medical or healthcare career
  • We will review our core programs and understand how you can close the gap between your current reality and your ideal reality

Towards the end of the Consult (which will be conducted on the phone) we can discuss 4 ways you can work with Coaching for Doctors:

Flourish – 1:1 Premium VIP Coaching Program for Doctors and Healthcare Executives

Recalibrate – Small group skill development program for doctors

The Thriving Doctor Applied – Live Coaching and Community that can help you develop and enhance your intra and inter personal skills improving your life as a doctor.

RESPOND – Our wellbeing skills program for all who work in healthcare

Here’s how to book your complimentary call with Sharee.