Flourish Starter Coaching

Focused coaching for your specific issues

We understand that some doctors are not ready to do the deep immersive personal development work of Recalibrate right now but do want access to coaching. Flourish Starter Coaching is a great place to start.

Flourish Starter Coaching offers you six sessions with one of our coaches over a defined period of time, usually 4-6 months.

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There is limited availability for this coaching package with Sharee in 2023.

Flourish Starter can help you:

  • With your performance, wellbeing, relationships, leadership and your inner game
  • Build your confidence
  • Make career decisions
  • Develop your people skills
  • Design your medical career to meet your intentions
  • Achieve more work-life integration (balance)
  • Improve your patient outcomes

What is included:

  • Six x 1:1 Coaching sessions (55 min per session)


  • With Sharee Johnson, when available $4,840.00 (inc. GST)
  • With all other Coaches $3,480.00 (inc. GST)

All coaching appointments must be used within the contracted time (4 months or 6 months as agreed).

There are no appointments currently available to work with Sharee Johnson as your coach at this time. Please go ahead and book a complimentary coaching conversation with one of our other excellent coaches.

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Flourish Starter Coaching Program

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