Immersion Doctor Care

Our immersion program includes 1:1 coaching and a closed group support network of doctors working alongside each other over the year and beyond, to build and support personal insight that can be shared in the service of wellbeing. We focus on self awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, unconscious bias and effective communication, including giving and receiving feedback. Coaching invites you to commit time and energy to improve your health and your professional capacity. Having a strong accessible, support network is a protective factor for great mental health and can improve performance.

The Immersion Doctor Care Program offers you the chance to develop your capacity as a mindful, compassionate health professional, who experiences great wellbeing, is well resourced and resilient, and who is supported for those times when well being is challenged. Soft skills are not easy, but they can be learnt. Improving these skills can improve your experience at work and in life, improve your relationships with colleagues, patients and your family and this means everyone can feel more trust and psychological safety. The results include better safety for patients and for doctors, better health outcomes and less burnout.

As a member of the Immersion program you will work with Sharee as your coach 1:1 six times over the year and with a small, closed group of like-minded Doctors during retreats and workshops. The program will offer you 34 hours of professional development from February to November. The program fee includes some meals and costs are tax deductible (please speak to your independent tax adviser). Most colleges accept this course as self directed learning for professional development.

If you are keen to join the Immersion Doctor Care program, register your interest today. The next Immersion program will commence in February 2020 in Melbourne, registrations open in September 2019.

Immersion Doctor Care Program Outline

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