Respond for Individuals

RESPOND is for healthcare workers of all kinds. If you work in healthcare in a support role, in administration, or face to face with patients and clients RESPOND is for you.

RESPOND is designed to help you build the skills you need to stay really well, especially to maintain your mental health.

RESPOND was developed after lots of people asked as for help in the early weeks of COVID19. The skills you will learn working with us in RESPOND are important life skills that we have honed over 30 years of working in healthcare and with people from all walks of life. The skills that will keep you mentally well during a pandemic are the same skills you need to be well in everyday life as a healthcare worker.

Healthcare workers across the world have been living with heightened anxiety for months now. Facing situations they may never have faced before, confronting impossible decisions, working under extreme pressure, and feeling fearful for their own and their family’s safety.

Before COVID19 we had significant rates of depression and anxiety in our community. About 45% of adults in their lifetime were experiencing these or other mental illnesses. The number of people experiencing a mental health challenge is expected to rise across the world in the years ahead, many of these people work in healthcare.

There are lots of skills you can build to protect your mental health. Skills like better emotional regulation and an ability to manage your thoughts and settle your mind, can help you in a crisis and in everyday living to be well.

There is no guarantee in life, it gets pretty tough at times. As healthcare workers, you are exposing yourself to the suffering of other people every time you go to work.

Of course, we want healthcare organisations to do more to support their workforce. In fact, we built RESPOND Diamond (RESPOND for workplaces) first for this very reason.

Not every healthcare workplace has RESPOND Diamond though and there are lots of proactive healthcare workers who have told us they want access to RESPOND too so they can learn and strengthen their skills in self-care, maintain a long term career and stay well.

If this sounds like you join RESPOND today and learn the skills you need to take better care of yourself.

You can have access to all the same great training and resources in RESPOND that workplaces access and start building your skills today.

RESPOND has a focus on boosting the skills you need to take care of yourself and others including:

  • Mindfulness and compassion
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Wellbeing and selfcare
  • Team and individual performance
  • Effective communication, including giving and receiving feedback
  • Sustainability, managing stress and preventing burnout

When you join RESPOND you gain access to 12 months of training, carefully curated library of resources, the closed Facebook group where we build community and support each other, and regular live meditation in community, specifically designed for people who work in health.

Anyone who works in health can join RESPOND.

  • Doctors, nurses and dentists
  • Allied health and pathology staff
  • Executives and administrators
  • Caterers, cleaners, security and maintenance staff
  • And many more

RESPOND is designed to help healthcare workers strengthen their skills. Skills that are critical to maintaining wellbeing, especially mental health, sustaining positive relationships, engaging in effective communication, growing self-awareness, and staying connected to community.

Skills that will help people to keep going through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Skills that are sometimes lacking in healthcare, even between colleagues. Skills that can help at work and in isolation or quarantine. Every element of RESPOND is designed to be practical, flexible, and with healthcare in mind. You can access RESPOND from wherever you are as long as you remain a member of our community.

Whenever you join RESPOND you will gain immediate access to a wealth of support, tools, and skills for wellbeing.

Click the button now and invest in your wellbeing by joining RESPOND.


For more information kindly read our Respond Terms and Conditions