The Thriving Doctor Book Club

For Doctors who want to cultivate a global medical community invested in better education, better wellbeing, better medicine.

The International Thriving Doctor Book Club is about helping doctors to thrive, we will share what we know and invite you to share too.

This is an exploratory space designed to open up your field of vision, your thinking, and our collective possibilities.

Books, podcasts, videos, articles will be the catalysts for our conversations. Come when you can, read when you can, share what you can. Sometime you might arrive ready to take a deep dive into the book that you have devoured. Other times you might want to hear what others thought about a particular resource before you give it your time and energy.

What really matters most of all is your:

  • curiosity, openness and willingness to learn and connect
  • generosity to listen and share
  • thoughtful reflection about how these conversations can ripple out into healthcare for the greater good
  • desire to encourage, nurture and support yourself and your colleagues

Once a month, two opportunities to join the conversation discussing a book, podcast, article, or YouTube clip (eg TedTalk) in relation to:

  • doctor wellbeing
  • the art of medicine
  • medical training
  • the role of doctor
  • the future of medicine
  • effective communication
  • doctor as leader
  • Difficult conversations

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