Who I Work With

These are the people I do my best coaching work with:

Doctors who want their work to be extraordinary.

Doctors are in the people industry. Medicine is based on trust, relationship building, integrity and skill. Sometimes working in health is messy, sometimes it is exciting and rewarding. The work is complex, the environments are often highly stressful and the workload is heavy. Coaching with me helps doctors understand what they really want their work to be and helps them create an extraordinary reality.

Doctors who want to love their work.

Sometimes the world grinds good people down. I help doctors build their resilience, their hope and their confidence. When you love what you are doing it affects your relationships and your results, reduces the risk of burnout and helps your patients heal. Rediscover your uniqueness, strengths and spark. Let your work and your life flow.


  • Are high performers and leaders in health.
  • Want to have a big impact on the world and do not settle for the status quo in their own lives.
  • Are ready to learn about themselves – asking and answering big questions about themselves and about medicine.

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