About Us

We are transforming healthcare through coaching and community. Our ecosystem is like no other practice in healthcare.

Our Mission

To amplify the CARE in healthcare.

Doctor wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is key to this mission. When doctors are well and skilled in human connection and communication, patients receive optimal care and doctors feel fulfilled.

Coaching for Doctors is an innovative and highly dynamic international coaching practice at the forefront of developing coaching for doctors and those they work with or for.

We are committed to helping doctors and their employers improve their human skills and their wellbeing for three reasons:

  • They practice safer medicine and patients have better health outcomes and experiences
  • They do incredibly complex work, in a complex environment and we value them and their efforts as humans first
  • It makes the healthcare system more sustainable for us all at Coaching

Our Core Values

We believe these are the prerequisites for the best possible experience and the best possible outcomes in healthcare. In trust, with courage, curiosity, and compassion we can collaborate effectively.  Working collaboratively is our preferred option. In this, wellbeing and capacity raise each other.

Our Team

Sharee Johnson

Founder and Managing Director
Psychologist Coach

Tara Gates

Administration and Event Manager

Dr. Elisabeth Wearne

Recalibrate Facilitator

Dr. Andrew Green

Recalibrate Facilitator

Coaching for Doctors administrative and operational team are joined by a growing team of experienced Coaches, you can meet our Coaches here.

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