Flourish VIP FAQs


This program is for doctors who actively seek leadership positions, see themselves as change makers, want to grow their self-awareness and expand their capacity. Doctors who want more from their medical career will benefit most from Flourish.

What is the Program Structure?

  •  Six Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Sharee Johnson, Australia’s leading Doctor Coach (60 min per session)
  •  WhatsApp connection with Sharee for in between coaching support
  •  VIP access to our Healthcare client portal RESPOND
  •  Special client VIP access to Recalibrate at early bird rate
  •  Minimum 6 months commitment

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process with the express purpose of enhancing the life experience, skills, performance, capacities or wellbeing of the client. This is achieved through the systematic use of theory and practice to facilitate the client’s goals in their particular context. Coaching can be time limited or ongoing.

Working with Sharee as coach establishes a reflective space where you can experiment with ideas and build capacity and energy for change. The focus in coaching can move between the horizon (strategic) and the immediate environment (specific) and aims to grow new thinking. Sharee promotes curiosity and will help you synthesize and articulate the conditions you need to achieve your goals and influence your own potential.

What is RESPOND?

RESPOND is a 12 month, on demand wellbeing skills program for the healthcare workforce, designed to provide healthcare workers with the skills they need to take care of themselves and each other, and to reduce the risk of mental ill health and burnout.

Skills include:

  • mental and emotional regulation
  • effective stress management and skills to reduce the risk of burnout
  • emotional intelligence and motivation
  • effective communication
  • mindfulness and compassion

What are the webinars that are included in Flourish?

Monthly webinars are part of RESPOND Diamond and follow the same content as the online modules, focusing and expanding on, the skill building work you are doing using the recorded content in the RESPOND hub.  Mindfulness, Compassion, Emotional Intelligence, Motivating self, The Importance of Meaning, Communication are some examples of webinars.

Does this work qualify as Professional Development?

Yes this work is self directed learning and/ or self care for most Colleges. It can also be considered as reflective practice, communication skills and human factor skills training.

How do I decide if I should attend Recalibrate (Immersion Doctor Care)?

Recalibrate is a deep learning process that includes 6 Masterclasses with doctor peers from any specialty and any organisation. They are engaged in a deeply reflective process that is about personal and professional development. Examining the role of medicine and work in their lives and their impact on the world – self, patients, colleagues, their own and other’s family and the system more broadly. Depending on each person’s goals the learning in Recalibrate can be deep or far reaching. Not all Recalibrate graduates see themselves as change makers, all are interested in the role of emotions, connection and human skills, recognising that medicine and fulfilment working in medicine will not come from technical skill alone.

Recalibrate is a high impact program that requires 48 hours minimum of your time, over 6 months (8 hours per month). The learning is powerful and impactful and 100% of graduates recommend the program. We recommend this program highly to you when you are ready to do the work.

Can I just have coaching with Sharee?

There are three ways you can have coaching with Sharee.

  1. Flourish is the best 1:1 way to work with Sharee.
  2. You will also have coaching with Sharee in the Recalibrate program.
  3. Sharee also engages in group / team coaching processes inside healthcare organisations. She also works in partnership with other organisations including Colleges delivering bespoke coaching programs. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.

More Questions?

We’d love to hear from you. To discuss these options or if you have any more questions, feel free to email Sharee via the button below.

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