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Transformational learning for doctors, so much more than a training program

January 19, 2020 Published by

Profound experience happens in Our Signature Immersion Doctor Care Program groups that changes the way doctors practice medicine and personally experience their work. I am totally humbled by the trust placed in my cofacilitator Dr Elisabeth Wearne (Liz) and me, by the experience of witnessing our doctor participants’ deep learning. When Liz and I first […]

I feel fierce – how the story we tell ourselves makes a difference

January 19, 2020 Published by

At Coaching for Doctors we are intrigued by language. In our Signature Immersion Doctor Care Programs we spend a lot of time in retreat understanding the story through our use of language. What does the story mean? What does the story help you to do or be, what does it hinder? The narrative we hold […]

Are you a doctor? Are you well?

April 11, 2019 Published by

Doctors and medical students experience more anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol misuse and suicide, at greater rates than the general population. What are we doing to turn this around?