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You have enough time and space, you may not have the right priorities.

You have enough time and space, you may not have the right priorities. What do you LOVE? Not who do you love,… what do you love? Maybe you love walking your dog or baking a new cake, fixing your car, going to the gym, reading novels, gardening. What do you get caught up in, whenever […]

Leadership in Education 2020 Updates

Leadership in Education 2020 Updates When I am not working with doctors and healthcare workers the other absolute joy in my life, is working with our school leaders and teachers. Another workforce who have put their collective bodies and minds on the line in 2020. As a parent watching learning from home lessons in Victoria, […]

Coaching for Doctors 2020 Updates

Coaching for Doctors 2020 Updates Our doctors have certainly put everything on the table during 2020. Having a coach in your corner who understands healthcare can keep you focused, help your performance, and can even become a protective factor for your wellbeing. Most of the doctors I have the privilege to coach find me through […]

Recalibrate – November 2020 Updates

Recalibrate – November 2020 Updates This is our signature program and is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. Recalibrate only happens a couple of times a year. The first group for 2021 is already filling up. Don’t be shy, 100% of our graduates recommend the program to their colleagues – across […]

Respond November 2020 Updates

Respond November 2020 Updates As a direct response to the anxiety COVID19 created for healthcare workers and the many calls for help we received, we designed and built RESPOND Diamond, launching in April for our healthcare workforce. RESPOND is now available for individual healthcare workers too. So good! This program is 12 months of supported […]

Intellectual Humility

Can intellectual humility help healthcare leaders take better care of frontline healthcare staff? Have you heard of the phrase Intellectual humility? When Psychologist and CEO Dr. Ben Palmer used this phrase in a webinar it caught my attention for a number of reasons. The most important one was because I have been thinking a lot […]

Coaching for Doctor wellbeing

Many more doctors are now seeking coaching in Australia.COVID has made it more acceptable to talk about the needs of our healthcare providers. The number of doctors contacting me has steadily increased during 2020. Coaching is relatively new for healthcare professionals in Australia and not yet well understood. Coaching is NOT the same as counselling, […]

Teach the missing psychological skills and reduce burnout in healthcare

Doctors and nurses hold unique positions in our community; they witness the best and the worst of human experience every day at work. They bear witness to our arrival into the world and for many of us, our exit. In between, they are present almost every time our physical wellbeing is seriously threatened and often […]

Improving Medico Leadership Skills Can Reduce Doctor Burnout

Leadership and sustained attention from the highest level of the organisation are the keys to any doctor’s well-being according to Prof. Tait Shanafelt, the world’s first Chief Wellness Officer in health, and his Mayo Clinic colleague John Noseworthy. They published their paper in 2017 offering nine organisational strategies to promote physician engagement and reduce burnout. Here I will focus […]