Recalibrate: Doctor Care

Immersive Development Program for Doctors

Are you wondering if anything will ever change enough in the hospital roster to let you have a life outside of medicine? Maybe you’ve found yourself working as an accidental manager… wondering if you are cut out to be the leader of your team, sandwiched between management and clinicians, with no support.

Are you wishing your practice could run differently, or are you telling yourself you need to manage your time better? Are you wondering how you can fit another thing in, if you need another credential or how long it is since your saw your kids… your partner….

Are you trading your health for the health of your patients? 

If you are feeling like medicine is not what you hoped for and you are at a loss about what to do next, we have helped lots of other doctors just like you to build a better medical life.

Lots of them continue in the Recalibrate Alumni Community because they have found this work so helpful. Don’t be alone.

Click the link to book a time to talk with our Founder, Sharee Johnson.

Didn’t plant your tree 50 years ago? Well the next best option is today 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 It’s NEVER too late to Recalibrate.

Feedback from Recalibrate Graduates

100% of Recalibrate Graduates say YES when we ask them:
Would you recommend Recalibrate to other doctors?

Restore Joy & Balance

It’s a safe group of clinicians facilitated by a fellow clinician and experienced psychologist, where you can discuss the non-clinical aspects of medicine which helped me on the way to restoring joy and balance in my work.
Public Health Doctor

A great course

A great course to help reduce burnout and maintain enjoyment in our working lives. I learnt a lot about how to look after myself so I can continue to care for others.

Invaluable opportunity

Invaluable opportunity to focus on own longevity in medicine through exploring mindfulness, concepts around resilience and burnout that are practical and positive in a time when self-care has sometimes been tokenistically suggested.

Eye opening experience

An eye opening experience encouraging reflection on self and learning from others, whilst clinical experience is very varied, often there is a lot of shared emotional experience or common uncertainties/difficulties.

Allows self discovery

A program that allows for self discovery and support to challenges in managing a long term career in medicine

Time to learn, reflect

Recalibrate is a good way to intentionally set aside time to learn, reflect on and discuss what is important and difficult about being a doctor, and how to improve one’s skills in a safe, small group environment.
Emergency Doctor

Our Recalibrate Program is a hybrid coaching program including 1:1 coaching and a closed group of doctors only, working together in masterclass over several months. On graduation you will be invited to join our amazing Alumni community. You decide how much you want to keep building and supporting personal insight and shared impact, in the service of wellbeing and healthcare leadership.

We focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, compassion, unconscious bias, leadership skills, and effective communication, including giving and receiving feedback. Having a strong accessible, support community is a protective factor for great mental health and can improve your performance and your sense of connection to self and to the greater good.

Be the best doctor you can be.
Choose thriving, put an end to the days of “surviving” medicine.

4 green circles overlap with words: Confdence, Fullmilment, Safety, Respoect. Centre words: Balanced Life

Recalibrate offers you the chance to develop your capacity as a mindful, compassionate health professional, who experiences great wellbeing, is well resourced, able to lead and communicate effectively, and who is supported for those times when wellbeing is challenged.

Skills in compassionate leadership can be learnt. Improving these skills can improve your experience at work and in life, improve your relationships with colleagues, patients, and your family. Everyone can feel more trust and psychological safety improving patient safety improving doctor wellbeing, resulting in better health outcomes for everyone, including less burnout.

What’s included

6 x 4-hour Masterclasses online [or 4 x 6 hours in F2F version] 24 hours in total
6 x 1:1 hours with Australia’s leading Psychologist Coach of Doctors
A community of peers from Australia, New Zealand and the USA to support and encourage you, to help you embed practices that keep you well, improve your performance and keep you and your patients safe.

As a member of Recalibrate, you will work with Sharee as your coach 1:1 six times during the term of the program and with a small, closed group of like-minded doctors (choose between live or online masterclasses).

2024 Recalibrate Prices

Early Bird | $7,200 + GST  ($7,920)  Full Fee | $8,150 + GST  ($8,965)

The program will offer you 30 hours of professional development and is recognised for CPD. Program fees are usually tax-deductible (please speak to your independent tax adviser).

Join us at the next Recalibrate opportunity – prioritise YOUR future!

If you are keen to join our signature Recalibrate Doctor Care Program simply complete an application form and book your phone call with Sharee.

Registration is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the application form (Waitlist)
  2. Schedule a 15 minute call with Sharee to make sure Recalibrate is right for you. This is also your opportunity to ask Sharee any questions you have about Recalibrate
  3. Complete the registration and payment once you receive your invitation.
Sharee Johnson, founder of Coaching for Doctors and creator of Recalibrate shares her story.

Places are limited to 12 doctors per program.

Not sure if Recalibrate is for you, contact Sharee here.

2025 Dates TBC

CPD Approval

Recalibrate is considered Reflective Practice and as self-directed learning is eligible for CPD points. IN addition we have been approved for CPD with the following Colleges:

Sharee speaks with Dr Cheryl Martin

Sharee speaks about her work coaching doctors and the Recalibrate Program with Dr Cheryl Martin’s on The Mind Full Medic Podcast. Sharee shares her personal story and the drive for establishing coaching for doctors [starts at 7:15 minutes; the coaching experience at approx 20 minutes; and the Recalibrate Program at 44:30 minutes].

More information

Who is the program for and what will I get out of it?

The Recalibrate Program will harness your energy for better outcomes for you, your patients and your colleagues. You will be better equipped to challenge the status quo, by delivering a more fulfilling kind of medicine. Learn more at Recalibrate FAQs

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