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Casey FM

Sharee Spoke with Henry Grossek on Casey FM recently.

The 2 part series was originally aired on the Viewpoints Program, Friday 3 November.  Sharee discusses the release of her new book The Thriving Doctor – how to be more balanced and fulfilled working in medicineThe Thriving Doctor seeks to help doctors build the skills they need to take better care of themselves and each other. It also reminds those who employ and work with doctors that they are an incredibly valuable resource that we need to care for. It might even help the public understand what it is like to work as a doctor.

Listen here:

Part one (8 mins)

Part Two (12 mins)


“If we do not do something to support our doctors, the healthcare system will fall over. Doctors cannot continue to work as they do, nor should we expect them to”. “We need a paradigm shift” she says. “Instead of patients first we need to be thinking about safety first so we can get some balance back into our healthcare system. Burning out doctors and developing systems that prevent them from having a life outside of medicine is unsustainable.

ABC Gippsland

Sharee spoke with ABC journalist Rachael Lucas about healthcare, especially about the wellbeing of doctors and what it’s like to work as a doctor, discussing:

  • The risk of burnout for doctors
  • The need for systemic change
  • The problems with dr. google
  • The value of compassionate care in an AI world

The 3 part series was originally aired on ABC Gippsland 8, 9 & 10 September 2021. Listen here:

Part one (7 mins)

Part Two (8 mins)

Part Three (9 mins)

Article on ABC News Au Doctor burnout crisis looms for overburdoned healthcare system, psychologist warns.Nexk and chest of female doctor wearing a white coat with stethoscope around neck

Read the ABC News article featuring Sharee Johnson
Doctor burnout crisis looms for overburdened healthcare system, psychologist warns
by Rachael Lucas (25/09/2021).


Sharee spoke with Kelly Doran, Salt Medical Recruitment about doctor wellbeing. More than ever before we need to look after our healthcare workers.  ‘A Look at Doctors’ Mental Health in AustraliaRead full article


The Emergency Mind

Talking with Dr Andrea Austin, about Compassion, Coaching, Stoicism, Emotions, Asking for Help on The Emergency Mind podcast was such a joy. Andrea is an Emergency Physician in the USA.

I loved thinking through how we can apply these ideas to the reality of medicine in practical ways.

The Emergency Mind Podcast is also available on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

The Mind Full Medic

I was honoured to share some of my thoughts and experience as coach of doctors with Dr. Cheryl Martin on her fabulous podcast The Mind Full Medic last week. We talk about work life balance, leadership, wellbeing, resilience, culture, reflective practice, patient outcomes, preventing burnout and of course coaching.

Better and Betterer

Sharing a podcast I did with Jessika Jake from Better and Betterer.  I speak about my work as a doctor coach and the importance of self care in healthcare workers. Doctors work with me for future focused skill development, self care, self awareness and much more.

Coaching can help you: ✔️To perform at your peak  ✔️Lead others
✔️Deal with workplace challenges ✔️Manage your career proactively
✔️Relate more effectively with colleagues and patients  ✔️Maintain or regain your own wellbeing  ✔️Development skills in relaxation
✔️Build personal resilience


Sharee discusses Leadership And Human Connection – The Power of Mindfulness with Jim Hotaling on Iron Sharpens Iron podcast.

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention, moment-to-moment without the constant critical commentary of our thinking brain.  Having more mindfulness in our way of “being” allows us to grow our focus and attentional capacity.

Listen to interview here

Key leadership takeaways:

  • Build your skills to manage stress while you work in a complex environment.
  • Grow your people skills and improving your self-care
  • Focus on mindfulness, unconscious bias, deep listening, and the power of maintaining empathy, expanding compassion, preventing burnout.


Register now for one of these Free Trainings from leading Psychologist and Executive Coach for Doctors. Sharee’s highly sought after executive & mindfulness coaching is only available at her private practice and her corporate programs, but on these ON-DEMAND webinars you’ll get coaching and personal guidance to help your workforce avoid burnout and reduce mental health risks.

Workplace Mental Health Training

Learn why your healthcare organisation needs a mental health strategy and how you can create one.

And the three key skill every healthcare worker needs to develop in order to stay well and maintain their mental health

Watch Workplace Mental Health Training

Doctor Wellbeing needs to be a Priority

Decision makers in healthcare organisations will find this webinar useful in terms of their employees’ health and that of the organisation.

  • Understand the benefits of wellbeing at work for people and organisations
  • Promote selfcare beyond exercise, nutrition, sleep and a holiday
  • Understand the impact of internal and external environments on resilience
  • Understand that selfcare and wellbeing are essential for all forms of success
  • Mindfulness,compassion, gratitude, learning are the critical skills your healthcare workers need

Watch Doctor Wellbeing Needs To Be A Priority

Compassion & Mindfulness

Compassion and mindfulness are innate but the world of medicine has many ways to leave you bereft of them both. Constant technical training and updates, artificial intelligence, electronic medical records, evidence based practice, lack of time, cognitive and emotional load, the juggle of work-life balance are just some of the ways the system can deplete you.

In this webinar we will pause long enough to review the evidence for human connection, self compassion and mindfulness practice. Review the current evidence for the benefits of these practices to patients and providers and take away some practical ways you can integrate them into your medical world of work.

Talking points:

  • What is compassion and mindfulness in a medical context – where, what and why we should cultivate them in our healthcare workplaces
  • How do we maintain compassion and mindfulness for our own wellbeing?
  • How do we maintain compassion and mindfulness in the face of so much demand on our services.