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Hello, I’m Sharee Johnson. I am a Psychologist Coach and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Coaching for Doctors.

Doctors have been employing me as their coach for 10 years to help them:

  • Perform at their peak Lead others effectively
  • Deal with their workplace challenges
  • Manage their careers proactively and with clarity
  • Relate more effectively with their colleagues and patients
  • Maintain or regain their own wellbeing Develop skills in relaxation emotional regulation
  • Build personal and professional sustainability
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Sharee Johnson
Founder and Managing Director, Coaching for Doctors
Registered Psychologist, Professional Coach, Author, Speaker, Meditation Teacher

MAPS BBSc Grad Dip App Psych Grad Dip HR

Sharee is a registered Psychologist, Professional Coach, skilled Facilitator, Speaker, Meditation Teacher and Author of bestselling book The Thriving Doctor, How to be more balanced and fulfilled working in medicine.

The core of Sharee’s work is as Professional Coach to doctors and healthcare leaders. As a professional coach, Sharee works with her clients to identify new possibilities, map a course of action, learn new skills and build confidence. The coaching relationship is a place of confidential reflective thinking and experiences, that facilitates creativity and growth. This process fosters insight, supports change and identifies assumptions that may be limiting progress.

Coaching with Sharee is about building personal capacity for improved performance and greater well being.

Sharee is an experienced facilitator and coach. She brings a significant depth of knowledge about enhanced performance, well-being and mental health to her work. Sharee’s work is future focused and goal oriented. Her clients experience a safe place for review, problem solving and stretch, experiencing clarity of purpose, improved health and often transformation in their lives and their work.

Sharee considers skills in mindfulness foundational to bring sustained change and focus to life. As a mindful practitioner she brings a deep understanding and lived experience of the power of presence, supported by a depth of experience and accreditations. Integrating mindfulness into her coaching practice enables Sharee’s clients to benefit from a growth mindset, improve their performance and wellbeing.

Sharee has worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors over the last 30 years building a unique combination of expertise in organisational, health and counseling psychology. She has worked across a wide range of industries including the health sector, the energy, oil and gas sectors, finance, recreation and leisure industry, small business, schools, health and welfare, and all levels of government.

All photos of Sharee used on this site were taken by Lisa Baker.

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