What is Coaching?

What is coaching and how can it help you?

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Coaching is a collaborative process with the express purpose of enhancing the life experience, skills, performance, capacities or wellbeing of the client.

This is achieved through the systematic use of theory and practice to facilitate the client’s goals in their particular context. Coaching can be time limited or ongoing.

Working with a coach establishes a reflective space where you can experiment with ideas and build capacity and energy for change. The focus in coaching can move between the horizon (strategic) and the immediate environment (specific) and aims to grow new thinking.

Coaching promotes curiosity and will help you synthesize and articulate the conditions you need to achieve your goals and influence your own potential.

Why would I engage a coach?

Coaching prioritises a safe time and place that is outside the person’s normal workplace to:

  • Reflect and experiment with ideas,
  • refocus purpose and goals,
  • make empowered decisions about change,
  • build skills,
  • create a system of accountability that is self directed.

The client uses this time to create a life they really want, one filled with personal meaning and one that supports taking action on their goals. The essence of coaching is shifting mindsets, seeking fulfilment and achieving beyond what we thought was possible, with clarity and hope. Have you got a plan? Coaching is a great process for checking in with your self and making or reviewing your plan.

Coaching can help you:

  • To perform at your peak
  • Lead others
  • Deal with your workplace challenges
  • Manage your career proactively
  • Relate more effectively with your colleagues and patients
  • Maintain or regain your own well-being consistently
  • Develop skills in relaxation
  • Build personal resilience

Explore how having a coach outside your workplace can help you develop your potential and promote your health.

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White Paper out now!

image of white paper and Sharee Johnson

Sharee’s white paper ‘Coaching for Doctors: A Balanced Life’ explores how coaching can help you in your work as a doctor and as an employer of doctors in four key ways:

1.       Deliver excellent patient care, improving health outcomes for the patient

2.       Achieve work-life balance for doctors

3.       How the systemic use of coaching can improve the whole healthcare system

4.       Prevent burnout systemically by using coaching as a means to build individual skills.

Healthcare leaders cannot continue to support systems and structures that lead to high levels of burnout in doctors and nurses year after year. The healthcare system is simply not sustainable in this context. Healthcare organisations could be and should be, healthy for everyone including every doctor. Coaching doctors can help achieve this goal.

This paper explores how the systemic use of coaching can help healthcare develop the skills of doctors so that they can lead teams more effectively and take better care of themselves, their colleagues and their patients. Coaching embedded at the most systemic level could mean that this more developed workforce could alter the healthcare system significantly to be safer and more effective for all.

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