Sharee Johnson 

Sharee Johnson is a Registered Psychologist with 28 years of experience as a therapist, organisational coach, meditation teacher, and corporate trainer. Sharee’s focus is on coaching high achieving individuals who want to develop their core skills and raise their awareness and emotional capacity, to build skills in leadership, resilience, awareness, empathy, compassion, and mindfulness, so that they are more effective professionally and personally. Sometimes people say working with Sharee is transformational. She will create a safe space for you to discover, grow, and learn. Sharee will host Recalibrate programs and be your 1:1 Coach. She will be joined by Liz or Andrew to facilitate masterclasses, retreats, and workshops.

Dr Elisabeth Wearne

Dr. Elisabeth (Liz) Wearne is a General Practitioner and Medical Educator/Researcher. She has worked in various clinical settings throughout East Gippsland and is a Medical Educator at Eastern Victoria GP Training. She is currently completing a Masters of Clinical Education and conducting research into female GP supervisors and their journeys towards leadership. Liz believes strongly that effective healthcare starts with the wellbeing and self-awareness of those that deliver it. Having had her own experiences of burnout and dissatisfaction with work, she wants to help other doctors explore how to thrive in a sustainable way with authenticity and clarity of purpose.  

Sharee chats with Dr Liz Wearne about Recalibrate.

Dr Andrew Green


Andrew began his medical career as a general practitioner. What he subsequently recognised as burnout led to a career change. He now works as an anesthetist in Gippsland and on the Mornington Peninsula. This work involves contact with patients at their most vulnerable moments. The experience of sitting in Men’s Circles led Andrew to question how awareness of emotion and connection with others could enrich his career. Andrew believes that completing the Recalibrate program has transformed his experience of work, and also the experiences of those around him. “Rather than using work to distract me from my internal world, life as a doctor is now an opportunity to engage with those around me in a fulfilling way…”
Andrew is excited about helping to build and be part of a supportive community of Doctors.

Sharee chats with Dr Andrew Green about Recalibrate.

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