Coaching for Doctors

Why Sharee founded Coaching for Doctors

I have done lots of different things including work as a therapist, a manager in a not for profit community welfare organisation, and I’ve even worked for the State Government (a long time ago). I have coached Corporate Executives, small business owners and other health professionals. Coaching Doctors is where the rubber really hits the road for me.

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There are two things that have drawn me to coaching doctors:

  • I believe that prevention is better than a cure.

    Doctors are essential to most people’s wellbeing. We all need doctors to maintain our health. Doctors by the nature of their work are under enormous pressure leading to higher rates than the general community of suicide, depression, substance abuse and burnout (per BeyondBlue’s National Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students). I am best able to support doctors by working with them to stay well.

    Coaching can empower and energise people. Coaching is a process that supports, empowers and clarifies our thinking. I work as a coach with doctors to help them proactively respond to their work and their lives so that doctors can be inspired, effective and well people.

    • There is a knock on effect to patient health outcomes

    Doctors do their best work when they are well. They are more patient, more present and more kind. Research has shown that health outcomes are better for patients when doctors are well and engaged in their work. Coaching helps the doctor clarify their own meaning and to take action for their future, their own health and their patients’ health. When doctors are well the health outcomes are better for everyone.

    Why coach doctors? Coaching is a proactive, preventative process that allows for self discovery and effective action. Coaching can encourage personal awareness and insight, enhance skills and prevent burnout. Coaching is an empowering process that helps people find clarity and take action in their own lives and that often impacts the system around them.

    People are always asking Sharee how she came to coach doctors. Here’s her more long winded explanation!

    The Long Winded Version

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