Coaching FAQ

Who is the ideal candidate?

Doctors at any stage of their career, who are keen to:

  • perform at their peak
  • proactively manage their career or who are thinking of a change in direction
  • lead others
  • deal with workplace challenges effectively utilising a safe, reflective space to grow insight and build skills
  • develop their relationship, wellbeing or resilience skills
  • learn more about the impact of mindfulness, compassion and self awareness in the work they do, for self and for others.

The doctor can bring any matter of concern to coaching that they wish to actively work on. Coaching is not counselling and should not be treated as a therapeutic response.

How is coaching different to counselling?

Counselling is a response to a problem either past, current or anticipated. Coaching is a more proactive process. It is performance focused and action oriented. Many people use coaching as a free thinking space to test out ideas and uncover their true purpose or desires for their work and their life. Coaching is a way of being self directed and accountable, it lifts the person’s commitment to their ideas. It is a place where thinking can be tested, clarified and acted upon. External Coaching like Sharee offers supports people to stretch, grow and develop in ways that are sometimes not possible ‘in house’ at work. It is a place of experimenting and of challenge. Sharee will carefully add to the conversation and offer feedback in a way that ordinary conversation usually doesn’t provide. The conversation is always strength focused and the goals are set by each doctor client.

How will this help me in my job?

As you build the skills of mindfulness, compassion and awareness, you are likely to become less stressed, less overwhelmed and less distracted. As you increase your mindful presence, you will become more focused, engaged and make better decisions. This increases efficiency and productivity as well as making you more available to receive creative ideas and insights. You will also increase your capacity to connect with other people and respond in wiser ways to everyday events as well as significant challenges, upsets and difficult relationships.

You will have the opportunity to enhance your practice rather than “just surviving” despite the system. You will have the opportunity to build skills and feel supported so that you can deliver the best possible care to your patients and be well yourself.

You will be able to develop your practice with wholeheartedness and be an extraordinary doctor by your own design, not simply by default, in a big healthcare system. Be more than a survivor of medicine, bring your authentic self to work and let that sustain you.

Can I receive CPD points for coaching?

Yes as self directed learning and in line with your personal learning plan.

Is the program tax deductible?

Please check with your accountant or financial advisers. In most circumstances that we are aware of, you can claim professional coaching as professional development and the costs are therefore tax deductible.

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