2018 Immersion Doctor Care Program: Feedback

Our mission is to help doctors realise their full capacity, unique purpose and individual wellbeing. When doctors are happy and well, the whole health system and its patients benefit. Do you enjoy your work?

Here’s what the participant doctors in the 2018 Immersion Doctor Care Program experienced.

  • Do you feel like you have developed your skills in mindfulness? 100% said Yes
  • Has your self-talk language change over the course of the year? 83.3% (10/12) said Yes
  • Has your language with patients, their family or your colleagues changed over the course of the year? 100% said Yes
  • Have you made different choices/ decisions this year based on attending the immersion program? 91.7% (11/12) said yes
  • Do you think the same learnings could be delivered differently? 66.7% said No
  • Was the relationship aspect of the group work important to your learning? 91.7% said Yes
  • Do you feel differently about working as a doctor after completing the immersion program? 100% said Yes
  • Would you recommend the Immersion program to other doctors? 100% said Yes
  • Would you recommend coaching to other doctors? 100% said Yes

Learn how mindfulness, self awareness, empathy, compassion and reflective practice can be cultivated in ways that improve patient health outcomes and well being as a doctor. Develop your skills in these relationship enhancing domains, in a psychologically safe space, with colleagues who are also ready to grow and stretch. Explore your inner terrain and use what you learn in practical ways to bring joy into your practice of medicine. Be the change you want to see, commit to making your wellbeing a priority in the service of others. Build a medical career that is sustainable and enhances your experience of medicine for the long term.

We value highly the impact of face to face connection, empathy, compassion and challenge. You can not get what we offer online or in modules. Immersion means fully engaged, deep mental and emotional involvement in something. When we do this together the learning is very powerful.

Doctors enrolling in the programs come from many different specialties and from all stages of career, from a few years practicing to 30+ years practicing. Some doctors are enrolling from interstate. Don’t miss your chance to fully engage in your experience of health care.

  • INVEST 40 hours of your time over 10 months, 34 of them in face to face coaching and community including:
  • 6 hours of face-to-face coaching with Sharee Johnson, Psychologist and Executive Coach
  • 2 x 24 hour Retreats including all accommodation and meals facilitated by Sharee Johnson and Dr Elisabeth Wearne, GP and Medical Educator (2 x 9 hours group work)
  • 2 x 5 hour Workshops facilitated by Sharee and Liz
  • Curated resources to utilise (read, watch and listen) at your leisure
  • Access to facilitators during the 10 month program and a closed group where you build a strong network of colleagues
  • Workbook
  • Join a growing community of well, mindful, compassionate doctors
  • Investment is $7,920 (includes GST)

What will you give priority to in 2019? Be curious, have courage, share your experience of being a doctor, learning how to be truly effective working with people.

Please share this unique opportunity with the doctors you know by passing this on this and call us today to find our more about how you can get involved.

Want a different experience of work? Take action, do something different.

Here’s to 2019 and having a plan for self care that enhances your experience of work.

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This post was written by Sharee Johnson