Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention, moment-to-moment without the constant critical commentary of our thinking brain. Being more mindful in our way of being allows us to grow our focus and attentional capacity. When we are more effective in our attention, more purposeful we notice different things. Mindful practice gives us new knowledge through increased awareness and this leads to all sorts of exciting stuff! Including more creativity, innovation and compassion.

If you are interested in improving your attention, your performance, your wellbeing or your relationships, experiencing mindfulness can help you.

Mindfulness is not an intellectual learning experience, its true influence is in the experience. Like most new skills it helps to have a coach. Sharee is an experienced practitioner and teacher. She can guide you individually or in a group to understand the neurology of mindfulness and to build your own lived experience. (Learn more about Sharee’s approach to mindfulness here.)

Sharee is an accredited trainer with the Potential Project. She is a teacher in training with iRest (www.iRest.us) and an experienced Mindful practitioner.

Sharee can work with you as a coach 1:1, with your team as a group or facilitate workshops and retreats.

Mindfulness Coaching Pricing Statement


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