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Where are all the men?

How do male doctors develop their human skills? How do men develop their human skills in relationship, communication and self care? In 2022 we really got excited with 7 men and 8 women completing our Recalibrate program!! It was the first time male and female participants had neared parity in our immersion doctor care program […]

Coaching helps doctors see themselves

Q: What is it that you do in coaching with a doctor?

 A: Mostly I help them see themselves.
The person I am working with knows what is best for them.

What does healthcare need from its leaders in 2022?

What does healthcare need from its leaders in 2022? During the pandemic crisis healthcare workers have pulled together to respond with military precision and peak effectiveness to meet the immediate need, to look after patients. But what of before and after the crisis? Burnout and workforce shortages already existed pre-COVID and healthcare worker wellbeing was […]

Be more like water

People, healthcare workers, are saying two things over and over to me in the first two weeks of 2022. Everyone is so fatigued after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all so tired. What can we do, all we can do is keep going. I was lucky and grateful to have a couple […]

Choosing a Coach

Choosing a coach, many more doctors are seeking coaching which is wonderful. Evidence-based coaching has much to offer the coachee doctor in terms of development, growth and learning. In 2020, Liselotte, Dyrbye, Shanafelt, Gill et al published their randomised trial in JAMA asking the key question: Does professional coaching result in a measurable reduction in […]

Better health outcomes for all

For a balanced life, more fulfilling careers and a sustainable healthcare system. Every week multiple people ask me two questions… What is coaching? Why do doctors seek a coach, how does it help them? To answer these questions I have written a white paper, Coaching for Doctors: A Balanced Life which specifically seeks to explain the […]

Safety first: a better guiding principle for healthcare

Safety first is a better guiding principle for healthcare than patients first. Doctors around Australia are under significant pressure. Junior doctors taking a class action about unpaid overtime is simply the latest in a long line of known problems that are embedded in the culture of healthcare. Big problems for doctors themselves like high rates […]

You have enough time and space, you may not have the right priorities.

You have enough time and space, you may not have the right priorities. What do you LOVE? Not who do you love,… what do you love? Maybe you love walking your dog or baking a new cake, fixing your car, going to the gym, reading novels, gardening. What do you get caught up in, whenever […]

Leadership in Education 2020 Updates

Leadership in Education 2020 Updates When I am not working with doctors and healthcare workers the other absolute joy in my life, is working with our school leaders and teachers. Another workforce who have put their collective bodies and minds on the line in 2020. As a parent watching learning from home lessons in Victoria, […]