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Where are all the men?

How do male doctors develop their human skills? How do men develop their human skills in relationship, communication and self care? In 2022 we really got excited with 7 men and 8 women completing our Recalibrate program!! It was the first time male and female participants had neared parity in our immersion doctor care program […]

Interpreter, facilitator, coach

Learning the skills of wellbeing takes more than a one hour workshop. For healthcare to find a way to take better care of the workers, we need radical change not tweaks at the edges.

Recalibrate – November 2020 Updates

Recalibrate – November 2020 Updates This is our signature program and is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. Recalibrate only happens a couple of times a year. The first group for 2021 is already filling up. Don’t be shy, 100% of our graduates recommend the program to their colleagues – across […]