Interpreter, facilitator, coach

As a psychologist coach I am a practitioner, a clinician, a behavioural scientist.


Not a doctor, not a physician, not a life coach.

As an experienced psychologist my expertise is in human behaviour, which includes cognition, mental models, emotions, interpersonal interaction, motivation, habits.

I have literally sat with thousands of people, holding space for them to think, feel, realise, change their minds, cry, laugh, panic, relax, lean in, back out, approach, avoid, freeze, liberate themselves. Over 35 years I have studied the research, reading thousands of books and papers, thinking about how the researcher’s findings can be applied …by people… in real life.

I am not a researcher, but everything I do is grounded in research and evidence. I am an interpreter, a facilitator, a coach.

I ask real people to test the research findings in their real lives, in their work, their relationships and for their wellbeing. And I support them while they do.

Together we have applied the findings of the research in real time. Gathered the evidence, shared the story. I have collected and collated the data, looked for the patterns and the exceptions

I have attended thousands of hours of conferences and training workshops. All focused on how people behave, what motivates them, what hinders them.

I have happily paid for and valued hundreds more hours of supervision, mentoring, coaching with more experienced psychologists, coaches and mentors. I have practiced, welcomed the feedback my guides have offered and tested my capacity using the techniques, skills and strategies in my own life.

I believe in your capacity to grow, learn and contribute. I believe in your ability to design your own life, to create the right conditions.

When you work with me you are tapping into 35 years of deep reflection, testing, practice, learning with thousands of people, how to apply psychological research and wisdom in real life.

I love learning. I love people.

I am not frightened of your emotions, your ideas or your procrastination. I am curious about your experience.

If you are also curious to learn, grow, perhaps transform. I look forward to meeting you.

It’s never too late to honour who you really want to be.


May you be well

Sharee x



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