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Where are all the men?

How do male doctors develop their human skills? How do men develop their human skills in relationship, communication and self care? In 2022 we really got excited with 7 men and 8 women completing our Recalibrate program!! It was the first time male and female participants had neared parity in our immersion doctor care program […]

Coaching helps doctors see themselves

Q: What is it that you do in coaching with a doctor?

 A: Mostly I help them see themselves.
The person I am working with knows what is best for them.

Doctors are humans.

Next time you meet a doctor
Remember you are meeting a human being
With all the human needs and frailties that you have
With a life that can get messy like yours outside the hospital walls, beyond the clinic

Interpreter, facilitator, coach

Learning the skills of wellbeing takes more than a one hour workshop. For healthcare to find a way to take better care of the workers, we need radical change not tweaks at the edges.

How to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine.

The Thriving Doctor – How to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine. It’s no secret that doctors are under pressure. COVID-19 has amplified their workplace stress, threatened their own wellbeing and demanded they work in conditions few others have to consider. When doctors are well, patient health outcomes and experience improve according to […]

Let the first stone you drop in the water be for yourself

Doctor Self-Care The experienced psychiatrist sitting opposite me in coaching said “You were the first person to ever ask me: What do you want?” He went on to describe the profound impact this simple question had had on him. These four words had permitted him to discover, to imagine, to believe that he could actually […]