Being your best selves

Do you have the right people around you to help be your definition of fulfilled?

We hope 2023 has been good to you so far. We are really excited about 2023 here at Coaching for Doctors, as we lean into working with more healthcare organisations in more systemic ways. 

As you know our primary work is coaching doctors, 1:1 and in groups, over time. This is developmental work that involves reflection, challenge, support and action. Imagine if all the doctors in your organisation were leaning into this work at the same time!!! Individual transformations often affect lots of other people too because we are a relational species.

Coaching is uplifting of the individual and confronting for them. This is the work of high performance AND wellbeing. The two are not separate activities, rather working hand in glove. 

Coaching often means:

  • facing truths that are uncomfortable, and doing so with a witness
  • having someone safe to turn to in darker moments 
  • and importantly a place to celebrate and savour growth – often  
  • being seen and heard, sometimes for the first time
  • permission to experiment with your thoughts and emotions
  • letting go – creating, generating and releasing
  • responsibility and accountability for YOUR one precious life

Do you have the right people around you to help you develop the right mindset, and engage in the right activities to be your definition of fulfilled?

I know when I have a coaching appointment coming up with my own coach it helps me focus and take action on what’s really important to me. 

Having a coach helps me level up, but more importantly it helps me live true to my values, with less distraction, and that leads to more joy and more of my best life (defined by me, for me). 

Being our best selves comes from our internal environment AND our external environment. (I wrote about this in my book The Thriving Doctor)

There is so much in our external environment that we are not in control of – and – we ARE in control of how we respond. Which is why our internal environment is so important. Blaming the external environment, whilst it might be justified, achieves little.

Coaching helps me notice how I am responding and what I can change, internally and externally. 

It helps me notice and then choose. It helps me put my energy in the right places, towards the things that I care about.

The days of doing it by myself are over for me, that’s for sure. 

I am in the business of surrounding myself with people who help me be the person I want to be in the world. I hope you have that kind of community around you too. 

If not, perhaps we can help you refresh your environment – internal and external.

To find out how, check out our Where to start guide.

If you are thinking about wellbeing and performance and want to know more about how to embed coaching in your healthcare organisation, send me an email and let’s talk.

Here’s to a sustainable medical workforce with the skills to take care of themselves and each other first. When everyone has these skills I truly believe healthcare will transform.

May you and yours be well in 2023 XS

Sharee has been coaching doctors since 2014, find out more about her work

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