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Leading a Hospital Unit Effectively

Leading and creating a hospital unit workplace culture, where people want to be. A provocation for generative thinking. Shanafelt et. al. have demonstrated and concluded that creating a wellbeing culture in healthcare needs to happen at the local unit level.1 Professors Amy Edmondson and Don Berwick delivered a keynote together last week at the IHI […]

Personal Agency is Key to Individual Wellbeing and to Organisational Change

According to the Stanford WellMD model of healthcare, healthcare worker well being1 is achieved from 20% personal resilience and 80% organisational responsibility (changing systems and structures in the workplace). The Stanford research is impressive and guides a great deal of our work. It’s impact in helping healthcare organisations to get serious about their responsibilities to […]

Medicine is an inexact science.

Researchers and clinicians work hard to bring evidence to the table, to notice and measure patterns, to share information in the service of everyone. And medicine has done an extraordinary job of this. For example:   🌱Average global life expectancy has more than doubled   🌱Child mortality and maternal mortality rates are lower  🌱We are […]

Compassionate Care Competencies need our attention

Bedside manner and communication skills are the ‘tip of the compassion iceberg’ according to Dominic O. Vachon. In the big machine that is modern day healthcare, we have prioritised throughput, technical wizardry and the financial bottom line. In other words, we still talk a lot about compassion, but we are not walking the talk often […]

The Well-Being Index Partner

What does make a difference to doctor wellbeing and performance? We are interested in how coaching can alter doctor wellbeing and performance. So we are constantly seeking ways to measure the impact of our work.We are really delighted to be partnering with Beamtree who offer the Well-Being Index (WBI) to healthcare workers in Australia and […]

Love in Medicine

Love has a place in medicine and the care is so much better July is perhaps the most sacred time of the year for me. A time to slow down, reflect, remember. To pause and honour, to walk and write. In the space of a quieter pace and the dark, I have found myself immersed […]

Being your best selves

Do you have the right people around you to help be your definition of fulfilled? We hope 2023 has been good to you so far. We are really excited about 2023 here at Coaching for Doctors, as we lean into working with more healthcare organisations in more systemic ways.  As you know our primary work […]

Coaching helps doctors see themselves

Q: What is it that you do in coaching with a doctor?

 A: Mostly I help them see themselves.
The person I am working with knows what is best for them.

Doctors are humans.

Next time you meet a doctor
Remember you are meeting a human being
With all the human needs and frailties that you have
With a life that can get messy like yours outside the hospital walls, beyond the clinic

Interpreter, facilitator, coach

Learning the skills of wellbeing takes more than a one hour workshop. For healthcare to find a way to take better care of the workers, we need radical change not tweaks at the edges.

Staff wellbeing takes more than a one hour workshop.

Learning the skills of wellbeing takes more than a one hour workshop. For healthcare to find a way to take better care of the workers, we need radical change not tweaks at the edges.

Healthcare Crisis: 6 things you can do

Healthcare Crisis: 6 things you can do right now for better health and better healthcare Healthcare workers are struggling with exhaustion, frustration, distress, vicarious trauma, moral injury, anxiety, depression and burnout. Recent news of doctor suicides is totally heartbreaking. There is a direct relationship between the health of doctors and the health outcomes of patients.  […]