Coaching helps doctors see themselves

Coaching helps you see yourself more clearly

What is it that you do in coaching with a doctor?

Mostly I help them see themselves.

The person I am working with knows what is best for them

Sometimes they need help to see

Sometimes they need help to hear

Sometimes they simply need a safe space to see and hear within 

Sometimes they can already see and hear, but they are scared

Or entangled in the options.

Sometimes they don’t want to see or hear what’s in front of them

They hope coaching will help them build a barrier.

Once the doctor can see and hear what they need to see and hear

I help them decide what they can be, what they can do.

That is to say, they decide and then they get on doing and being

Sooner, better, than they could have before 

I wish every doctor had a coach.

May you and all our doctors be well!


Sharee has been coaching doctors since 2014, find out more about her work

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