Medicine is an inexact science.

Researchers and clinicians work hard to bring evidence to the table, to notice and measure patterns, to share information in the service of everyone. And medicine has done an extraordinary job of this. For example:  

🌱Average global life expectancy has more than doubled  

🌱Child mortality and maternal mortality rates are lower 

🌱We are close to eradicating polio, even malaria. 

🌱The spread of HIV and HPV has been contained 

🌱Rates of death from some cancers has decreased. 

🌱Less people smoke. 

Our global health is also better because more people have access to healthcare, electricity, education and clean water. 

Still, it is an INEXACT science because it applies to 8.1 Billion people.  

All who have opinions, aspirations, varying education, opportunities, biases, wealth and cultural context. Our realities are different, our hopes and dreams, our expectations are different. So it’s application needs to be adaptable, there are hundreds of variables to consider. 

AND: our fundamental psychological human needs are in fact the same.  

We ALL want to be SEEN and HEARD. We all need to FEEL SAFE and as part of that, like we BELONG, even while we express some AUTONOMY in our individual lives. 

No matter if you are a patient or a doctor. You share the same common humanity. We are better in partnership together.  

Did anyone teach you how to work in partnership? How to collaborate? How to communicate really effectively? How to listen with your body? 

Evolution wired into us a deep need to stay in the group as our key safety mechanism. We are as a result a social species. This desire to belong is not just nice to have, we depend on it. Our capacity for empathy and compassion are wired in for the same reason, to keep us collectively safe. 

Medicine asks an awful lot of doctors technically and gives very little explicit training in how to respond to and manage the ever-changing context of practice with patients and colleagues  

That’s why we built Recalibrate.

Recalibrate is a 6 month immersion program for doctors to grow and enhance their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.  

Working in a closed group of peers in masterclasses and in 1:1 coaching, you can advance your capacity to respond much more effectively to the demands of your job, to the people around you.  

Even under pressure and stress.  

As you raise your awareness, skill, capacity and wellbeing in community you might even find you are changing the system too. 

Yes, you can claim CPD. Personal and Professional Development live in the same body, yours!  

Both are vital to effective, sustainable medical practice. Book your call with me today and let’s set you up for a better experience of medicine. 



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The Thriving Doctor

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