An Integrated Life

Finding the right balance.

An integrated life is one that finds the right balance, that includes the right amounts of all the things that are important to you. 

Even better if all of those parts nourish and feed each other. 

I have been working since I was 12 years old. First in my parent’s orchard sorting and packing fruit and as a netball coach and umpire of younger children. 

My study and work in psychology has been going on for a startling 36 years!! 

Whilst I had big plans and vague intuitions, there have been many adaptions, accommodations and pivots along the way.

Yet there have been consistent threads throughout my life that I have brought to my work. 

A fascination about people’s behaviour and perception, a desire to create hope and a belief that people can change and evolve.

We do not all have the same opportunities in life, and… I have been privileged to witness humans defy all sorts of odds.

How to achieve an integrated life?

Achieving an integrated life, one that is balanced and values driven is ongoing work. 

There is NO finish line, whilst you are living. 

People constantly tell me they are amazed that I have turned our deep personal tragedy of losing Tim to cancer, into the work we do at Coaching for Doctors.  

Part of me thinks it is the obvious thing to have done. 

My life and work are not separate. I seek to align every part of my life with my values, over time. 

In any given moment one value might take precedence over another. In the longer term they are all expressed.

I lose my way, I forget what I value, I make mistakes. 

Whilst I am breathing, I am human.

And – I talk with my coach, my dear inner circle, I meditate, exercise, seek out new people who challenge my ideas, read widely and rest.

An integrated life does not happen by accident, it is ongoing, every day, every breath.

It is experimental, which is not to say it is random. 

It is not entirely within my control, and yet there is so much I can influence.

This month I choose and am eagerly anticipating a 5 day silent retreat. I will miss some things sure, and i will gain a whole lot that i can not tap into the normal routine of my life. It’s a choice….

During March we commence our second Recalibrate program for 2023 and continue working with the February group. 

I am so blessed to be sitting with 30 Recalibrating doctors during 2023 and 28 Recalibrate Alumni who continue to commit to their own lifelong experiment, in community, for another year.

May you be well!


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